For the love of animals

Sometimes I sit back and think; “We don’t deserve animals!”

For as long as I can remember, I’ve lived with animals around me. Even as a child, I recall having a bad day at school and planting my tear stained face into the neck of our golden retriever, Sonny (before he got old and grumpy). Our Black Labrador, Spike, was more of the ditsy comedian and could always be relied on to make you smile, but gosh, did he love everyone he met, unconditionally and enthusiastically. But Sonny was different, in the way he intuitively knew when something was wrong. I remember, Sonny always disliked one particular neighbour of ours and would bark every single time he saw him. Until that is, our neighbour suffered a Stroke. The next time he came round once he had recovered, Sonny sat by his side the whole time he was there.

I work with veterans with mental health difficulties and am a keen advocate for emotional support dogs, particularly for people living with PTSD. I have been fortunate enough to see the impact that dogs can have on improving quality of life, confidence and independence. Equine therapy is also proven to be very effective, particularly with people living with Physical and Mental Disability. My guinea pigs have done wonders for my Anxiety, providing me with tactile, sensory focus and sometimes a welcome distraction from negative ruminations. And I’m sure ‘non- furry’ pets are just as capable of having the same effect!

Be it, my mother in law’s new pug/ beagle (Peagle?!) puppy, Scout; my sister’s Malamute, Shay; my two guinea pigs, Freckle & Pickle; the fish in our tank; the horses we pass on our long country walks; the buzzards so effortlessly gliding outside… In my opinion, all animals are so therapeutic, good for mind, body and soul. I just wish all people showed animals the love they show us.

15 thoughts on “For the love of animals

  1. Such a nice post dear! I’ve also read somewhere that having a pet like dogs increases life span of a person, and have amazing affect on human health decreasing anxiety, depression, and Pets can also act as a social catalyst, promoting social connections,etc. Love your post🤗❤️

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    1. Thank you so much! I can well believe it- I really think they can be so intuitive. And sadly, there will be people out there who have only known unconditional love from an animal. How lucky we are to have them! Thank you for writing, I look forward to following your blog! ❤️

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  2. Sonny was probably trying to warn your neighbour of his health problems. Some pets are better than doctors at knowing when something is wrong.
    My partner and I are cat people (5), and we would be wrecks without them. How anyone can live without animals, and plants, is beyond me. Life needs life to survive.

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    1. I agree with you. I think, similar to healthcare staff developing a ‘gut instinct’ with experience, some animals seem to have a natural intuition for these things. Absolutely- I feel claustrophic if I’m more than 20 minutes walk away from green space!


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