Overcoming obstacles

Have a watch so we’re on the same page: https://choosetransformation.files.wordpress.com/2019/04/010419.mp4

I get so frustrated with panic sometimes! It sounds silly that I don’t panic about panic anymore doesn’t it? Since learning coping strategies for my panic attacks, I feel I’m now pretty good at handling them (most of the time). I like to lie on the floor, tense every single muscle in my body and hold for five seconds, before releasing with a really exaggerated out breath. Then I might repeat and then try something else- a change of temperature usually works for me! Cold water on the wrists, etc. This usually helps the physiological panic symptoms; you know, the tingly hands, the cold sweat, the lightheaded-ness.
I’ve always felt a bit weird about the fact that, thinking about my breath makes me hyperventilate and then I lose all control completely! I’m reassured to have read in this book, that mindful breathing is actually just focusing on your normal breath, with which you’re comfortable.

But despite all this, that feeling of panic and overwhelming dread is still there! Taking up all of my focus and energy reserves. I can’t wait until tomorrow is over with! Damnit, I’m supposed to be embracing every minute, refocusing, repeating positive mantra… Be mindful, Kim!

I suppose, without shite, challenging experiences such as this, I wouldn’t appreciate life as much when it is going smoothly? Maybe I haven’t been? And learning these skills now, will only help me the next time things so go sour- which they will, because that’s life. But next time, I’ll be better prepared.

Bloody hell, this is tricky.

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