First off, why not have a watch of my latest video to get up to date:

As I said, I’m now in the middle of quite a heavy stint at work- three, 12.5 hour days on the trot, three days off and then three days back on… so six days out of nine.

I don’t mind so much, but my work days are a write off for any kind of social interaction. All I’m good for is collapsing on the sofa at the end of the day and moaning because I’m hangry but too tired to do anything about it. Being tired makes me a right whiny bitch!

So, these three days off are precious! I’ve been sat on the sofa nearly all day- apart from when the maintenance man came to fix our bedroom door, which I had completely forgotten about. Fortunately, I was semi- presentable and able to let the bloke in without getting eyed up or done for incident exposure.

My self care yesterday consisted of quality time with my significant other, seeing the family and admiring my blossoming garden (not a euphemism). Even the cat shit pot, as it is now affectionately known, is sprouting some little shoots!

My self care today consists of comfy clothes, lying under a fluffy blanket, binge watching Netflix and wallowing in snacks. Not advisable to do it too frequently, I know, but today it’s what my body and soul are craving. And I’m having a bloody wonderful time.

I don’t yet know what tomorrow’s self care will look like, but it makes a change that I’m actually looking forward to seeing how I might be kind to myself tomorrow- Perhaps I’ll go for a walk, or go round mum’s for a coffee, or do some drawing.

How have you practiced self care today?

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    1. 😂 It absolutely is! I am having a lovely time, thank you! So far I’ve eaten my body weight in Popcorn and watched the entire series of Queer Eye 🙂 I hope you’re having a good day also? x

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  1. I had two self care days at the weekend, now I have a pile of washing up, an argument with family (now settled ish) and seeing the Ex triggered an anxiety gutter punch…
    When the weekend hits I’m having another self care day!!

    Enjoy yours

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      1. Just saw this. Yes, I’m doing well. Just got back from vacation on Saturday night with the family. Surpassed my one month being off Facebook so my account is officially closed! Two months off Instagram. I feel so much better. I’m off my 5-hour energy shots as well and getting more sleep. Keep up the great work. You will continue to change lives for the better.


  2. Just watched your video. Thanks for the update. Keep up the great work. Thanks for sharing what’s going on in your world. With a busy schedule and all. I’m not familiar about publishing material in the U.K. I have used createspace through Amazon, which I believe is now Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing. It’s all free as well. Might check them out.

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  3. Your day looks so refreshing! 😍Self love and self care are so important to spread love to others also🌺.. Also, you nominated me for the Sunshine blogger award earlier.. finally my exams are over & I got time to write the post.. I wanted to thank you again for this nomination❤️

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  4. Looks like you are putting your time off to good use. So often nurses don’t take the time for self care. But, it is really in our patient’s best interest to be refreshed, relaxed, and fully functional. Keep taking the opportunities to have time for yourself!

    Made For Nurses |

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    1. Thank you, I’m trying to. I found it a moral challenge, encouraging my patients to practice Mindfulness and Self care, when I knew I wasn’t! It’s a work in progress 😊 x


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