Trying to put the ‘organ’ back, in ‘organisation’

GIPHY Studios Originals When you work for a big organisation, it's easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond. You get lost in a sea of faces, most of whom you've never met. I affectionately refer to people according to their approximate occupation, e.g. "that guy from IT", or the group of … Continue reading Trying to put the ‘organ’ back, in ‘organisation’


Here I stand- Tall. Strong. Steady. Stretching towards those Cumulus, effortlessly. This exposed skeleton, hidden beneath an impressive display of greens and reds. These leaves, an ecosystem of their own, nurturing others. The thick bark preventing any intrusion of what I hold dear to me inside; a barrier which has taken many years to create. … Continue reading Roots

“It’s either Perfection or Failure”

Lavender from the allotment at work Here's my latest video, which I'll go into a bit more underneath: I usually look forward to the consistency of my working day routine and the general predictability of the day's activities, but lately it's felt like more of a task. Yesterday at work, I felt the familiar … Continue reading “It’s either Perfection or Failure”